Sustaining All Life (SAL) & United to End Racism (UER):

Live from New York City Climate Week:
An Evening with the African and Mexican
Regional Reference People (RRP)

Wanjiku Kironyo: Kenya

Bafana Matsebula: Eswatini

Iliria Unzueta: Mexico

Wednesday, September 20:
6:30 - 9:30pm (EDT/New York)

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photo by Alan Epstein

Because of the importance of the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit (September 20) and the climate justice actions surrounding it, we decided to have some of our key leaders from Africa and Mexico participate as part of SAL/UER at Climate Week NYC.  They will lead many events throughout the week.  We are seizing this unusual opportunity to have them lead this in-person evening for the NYC Regions, and invite the International RC Community to listen in online.  Come hear about the impact of the climate emergency in their countries, their insights about the work of the United Nations and the Climate Ambition Summit (September 20), and the work of SAL/UER at NYC Climate Week.

Organizer: Maria Limon

Tech Lead: Urbain Bamana


Fee: $0 - $50 USD

After payment of the leaders’ fee, funds collected will be donated to Sustaining All Life.  

We understand that oppression makes access to money unequal. Pay only what you can. Paying $0 is fine if that makes sense for you. If you can pay, after payment of the leaders’ fee, funds collected will be donated to Sustaining All Life.


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