Sustaining All Life 2024:

What We've Done, Where We're Going

A SAL Fundraiser for all RCers

led by

Janet Kabue:
Apprentice ICRP for Care of the Environment

Teresa Enrico:
Alternate International Reference Person

Sunday, August 18

8 - 10am PDT (UTC -7) Seattle
3 - 5pm GMT (UTC) Accra/Lome
4 - 6pm (UTC+1) Lagos/London
6 - 8pm EAT (UTC+3) Nairobi
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We are inviting the entire RC Community for an update on the work of Sustaining All Life, what we are doing and our plans for the future. You will hear more about the events SAL has participated in this year, and what the plans are for the rest of the year. We will have team representatives reporting on London Climate Action Week, New York Climate Action Week, COP29 in Azerbaijan and the alternative to COP conference in Mexico.

Sustaining All Life (SAL) continues to bring the tools and understanding of Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) to communities and climate activists in the wide world in hopes of strengthening their work to end the climate crisis. We do this by holding workshops, forums, introductory classes and listening circles at major climate conferences in different parts of the world. Each year there is a more visible impact of our work - new RC communities, and organisations using the tools of RC in their climate work.

We will share the ways the RC community can get involved and support SAL's work, including, but not limited, to donating. Donations to SAL enable RC counseling leaders and climate activists to attend these conferences and follow up classes.

For more information about SAL or to access their resources about the climate crisis go to Sustaining All Life. Photos from recent SAL events: NYC Climate Week, USA 2023   World Social Forum, Nepal 2023   COP28, Dubai 2023.

The suggested donation is $0 - $50 USD. Donations made in USD are tax deductable. Donate directly to SAL by using this button. Write in the note "Sustaining All Life"

USers donating by check: write them to "Re-evaluation Foundation" and mail to Mary Ruth Gross 3315 Clearfield Ave, Richmond CA 94803. Write in the memo "Sustaining All Life"

With love and appreciation, Katrina Wild and Rachel Beck, Organisers

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