NYC Climate Week 2023

Registration for Zoom access to the in-person events happening the week of September 18 - 23 at New York City Climate Week.

SAL/UER events at NYC Climate Week will be offered remotely on Zoom to the RC Community, but in a limited way.  The leader of the event will be focused only on the in-person workshop, but the full presentation can be watched on Zoom.  When the in-person event breaks for mini-sessions, the Zoomers will also break for mini-sessions.  

There will be a Zoom liaison (host) who will act as “MC” for the remote people on Zoom. (They will need several people on their team to handle all the roles.)  RCers will come onto Zoom 15 or 20 minutes before the live event starts to do mini-sessions and prepare to join the live event.  There will not be interpretation, unless the original event is interpreted.

There may be a chance immediately after the event for those on Zoom to ask questions of one of the leaders or organizers of the event in NYC. This would be accomplished during the last part of the presentation with questions sent by chat and read aloud by the in-person tech or assistant.

Register to attend any or all of the events on Zoom below. Please indicate the events you plan to attend.